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CUYC Selection Trials

Last weekend I took part in the 2013 Sunsail Yacht Racing round 8 with Cambridge University Yacht Club. We had two boats lined up for the event. Our objective was to try out new club members and see who were a good fit at which positions. We're looking forward to a great season of racing this year with two boats entering the BUSA nationals next April.

Because we want to train with two boats as much as possible, our aim was also to qualify a second boat for the Sunsail Racing Finals which we achieved by finishing 4th out of 19 boats entering the round.

Sailing was pretty windy and generally epic, especially on Sunday where we had to race in 35 knots wind at some point! Great weekend overall. Was very nice to sail on F40s again after a year away in America and lovely to see new faces onboard!

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