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Less than two weeks before the Mini Fastnet!

A lot has happened since the incident that occurred during the Lorient BSM back in April. Hopefully I’m now done with university (final year results pending…), I’ve moved to Brittany to spend 100% of my time preparing the Mini Transat 2015 and, last but not least, the boat is now all fixed!

Next race for 630 and I will be the Mini Fastnet, which is a double-handed race. It will leave from Douarnenez on Sunday 22nd June 2014 and take us up to the Celtic sea, around the Fastnet Rock (which sits just south of Ireland) and back to Douarnenez in a 600 nautical miles loop. The race should last between 4 and 5 days.

Unfortunately Rémi Aubrun will not be able to come race onboard as initially planned. Instead I’ll be teaming with Clément Bouyssou, who has built a strong experience throughout the years sailing in the Mini “series” class. He’s very excited to see what sailing on Mini “prototypes” is. I have to say I’m very glad to have such an experienced sailor with me for this particular race.

The Mini Fastnet is deemed to be one of the toughest races in the Mini class. On top of that it will be the longest Mini race I’ve done to date and a good first test for the boat so I’m spending most of my time making sure we’re both ready for what will be a long and challenging race. This basically means working through an endless to-do list, so many thanks go to Marie for her help on the boat last weekend!

Speak soon

Update : I am (!) done with university. The good news came the day before the start. Unfortunately Clément and I did not make it back in time for me to attend the Graduation ceremony. Oh well, no regrets!

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