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Winter is coming

The mighty 630 and its newly fixed mast are now back in Lorient after an epic drive from La Rochelle. It was my first time trailing the boat so I played it safe. In fact I was so safe it took about 5.5 hours to drive through 300 km! Even lorries were overtaking us on the motorway…

Anyway, winter is coming and it’s time for me to do some work on the boat to get it ready for next season. I’m planning on redoing the electronics to make it more reliable and user-friendly. I will also add outriggers for the pole to make it safer and easier to gybe with. It will open the angle at which the guys hold the pole and thus reduce the amount of compression in the tube. It should then be less likely to break! In addition to redoing the underwater surface to reduce drag I will also repaint the deck (it's a secret but I think it currently looks horrible!).

So yeah a very busy winter to come! As of tomorrow the boat will live in Davy Beaudart’s yard in Hennebont. You’re more than welcome to come visit or even offer a helping hand if you can!

Huge thanks to my friends Vincent (for letting me borrow 679's trailer), Isa (for lending me her van) and Nikki (for her help, food and shelter in La Rochelle!).

Speak soon!

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