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Representing the CVP Yacht Club on the 2015 Mini Season

I am very proud to announce that I’ll be representing the “Cercle de Voile de Paris” yacht club next year on the Mini races and especially the Mini Transat. Founded in 1858, the “CVP” is the second oldest yacht club in France. It is a well-established institution. Among other things, it created the One Ton Cup back in 1899 and organised the sailing races in the 1900 and 1924 Olympic games.

In addition to organising the most prestigious races, the CVP is also known for competing at a very high level. It backed French teams in the Americas Cup, including the Baron Bich in 1974 and K-Challenge (which then became Areva challenge) in the 2000s.

The CVP remains today one of the best French yacht clubs maintaining an impressive track record. It came runner-up in the French sport keelboat championships in 2011 and 2013 (all categories) and won the 2012 French sport keelboat championships (in the sport keelboat category).

It is a great honour for me to join the CVP and represent the club on the Mini circuit and especially on the 2015 Mini Transat, which will leave on September 19th. I can only hope I will live up to the club’s history and expectations!

I will be at the CVP clubhouse on Sunday January 11th for the 2014 price-giving ceremony. I haven’t won anything (yet!) but I was given the opportunity to present my project to the attending CVP members, so I hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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